Food, Faith & Family

Season #1

In this episode of Spark Influence, Peter and Misty Phillip talk about balancing work and home life demands while making time for meaningful conversations and imparting wisdom and values to your children through the various stages of development. Learning to find balance with young children to the middle years, college, and beyond. Topics covered in this episode include: Family is the beginning of selflessness. Having the support of extended family. The family structure that God intends. The importance of table-time discussions, passing down family stories and traditions, making memories, and tying heart strings. Don't underestimate the power of the dinner table and breaking bread. There is power in building a routine to incorporate family discipleship and pass down knowledge and Biblical wisdom to our children in the daily. Being available for your kids. As your children grow, you have the opportunity to discuss current events and help them formulate a worldview. Bring your kids into the kitchen to learn food preparation, heritage, and teaching lessons. We need to fight for face time with our kids to tie hearts strings with your kids. Create memories in the mundane routine family activities. Everything flows from our faith. When you prioritize God first, family next, work, and other activities, everything works best.