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AMAZING PODCASTS through coaching, collaboration, and community. 

Spark Conference

The Spark Christian Podcast Conference is the premiere conference for Christian Podcasters. Attendees receive cutting-edge training, access to high profile speakers, and the opportunity to network with others from the podcasting, writing, and speaking industries.

Conference add-ons include literary appointments, headshots, podcast consultations, and graphic design appointments.

Live Events

Spark NOW Summit

The Spark Now Summits are designed to bring the energy, community, and engagement of an in-person conference straight to your home.

These events include both live and previously recorded sessions from leaders who want to help you SPARK your soul message. If you are looking to be encouraged, inspired, and uplifted, the Spark Now Summit is the virtual conference for you.

Virtual Events

Spark Collective

The Spark Collective is a private membership community designed to instruct Christian podcasters on the best practices of the industry and the latest advances in podcasting.

This is accomplished through our extensive video and resource library, Mastermind trainings, interviews with industry experts, and the ability to have  of one on one consultations with Spark Media founder, Misty Phillip.


All The Tools You Need To Create a Successful Podcast.


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Gain expert insider tips to take your show to the next level. Expect to be motivated, inspired, and equipped to launch and grow the podcast of your dreams. 


We have a variety offerings to meet you where you are on your podcast journey, and to help you stay accountable and grow your show.


Our conferences and virtual summits exist to provide Christian podcasters with the best of what the podcast industry has to offer attendees. 

Lee Ann Mancini
Executive Producer of Sea Kids TV & Raising Christian Kids Podcast

"Spark Collective is a valuable resource of excellent information and a connection to a community of like-minded, purpose-oriented, friendly people! I highly suggest anyone who is podcasting, authoring, speaking, or working in any media engagement to become a part of this amazing organization. I have learned so many things, and I have gained life-long friendships. From the master-mind groups to educational videos, sharing of information, offering prayers and guidance, and so much more, I am so thankful to be a member of the Spark Collective family!!"

The Pantry Podcast

"Spark Collective offers constant, genuine support on Christ-centric and professional levels. We've made lifelong friends and experienced God work in our ministry in many unexpected ways—in a huge way because of Spark's trifecta (Misty, Peter, and Baylee!) and the Spark Collective at-large. We're in for the long haul! Thank you, guys!"

James Early
The Bible Speaks to You Podcast

I joined the Mastermind group in the middle of 2020 because I knew I needed some support in my new endeavor as a podcaster. The group has been a blessing to me and my podcasting efforts. Misty Phillip brings a vast array of expertise in the content creation world. She is well connected to leaders in various related industries and freely shares those connections with the members. Her husband Peter is a master at solving our tech related issues. They have both help me immensely in putting my best foot forward with my podcast. And the group of fellow podcasters has been a delightful community. What a wealth of information and support everyone brings to the table. In our weekly mastermind sessions, someone is always helping and supporting someone else, or making a connection with someone who can help or a product/service which solves a particular problem. But one of the nicest aspects of the group is the Christian fellowship we share. We may come from different faith traditions, but we all support each other in our love for Christ and the desire to share the Gospel in the way God has called us.

At Spark Media we want YOU to know that YOUR message matters!

You have a VOICE and a MESSAGE to share. You my friend are a PODCASTER. 

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