About the Spark Network

At Spark Media, we believe in the power of podcasting to spread messages of hope to all nations. Our mission is to share Biblically-based messages to people all around the world via podcasts. And, it all starts with a SPARK!
The Spark Network is a podcasting platform dedicated to bringing you engaging Faith-based content through various podcast shows.

Podcasters interested in joining the Spark Network

The Spark Network is an added benefit of joining our exclusive membership community, the Spark Collective. Our experts provide training, insight, and knowledge surrounding the latest industry trends from a Biblically sound perspective in the Collective.
At Spark Media, we strive for excellence, cultivate community, equip and empower faith-based entrepreneurs and ministry leaders to take purposeful steps on the path to podcasting. The Spark Network endeavors to elevate the voices of our members by equipping them with tools for monetization, strategies to succeed, a space for growth, networking, and connection.
The Spark Podcast Network acts as a podcaster’s directory, a promotional opportunity, and a method to market creative content for discoverability. if you dream of walking in your purpose and being mentored by industry-leading professionals, Spark can help you ignite your passion and fuel your fire
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