Inheritance and Legacy

Season #1

In this episode of Spark Influence, Peter and Misty Phillip discuss Biblical Inheritance, and leaving a legacy. In the Old Testament, inheritance was the gift of honor and support given by a patriarch to his sons (and sometimes daughters). The inheritance was meant for the provision and status of the family.

Most of the occurrences of inheritance in the Old Testament refer to God bestowing the Promised Land on the Israelites, and the provision of the Heavenly Father.

The New Testament does not speak of a physical inheritance, but rather a spiritual inheritance. We are taught it is far better to store up treasures in heaven, then on earth. In regards to inheritance, parents ensure their family is cared for after their death. This doesnā€™t necessarily mean land, or even material possessions.

What is a legacy?

We're all familiar with the concept of a legacyā€”something of value passed down or received from someone who came before us. Legacies are created through many purposeful actions over a long periodā€”often years or even decades! Legacy is also imparting good character, and passing down oral traditions. 

Loving the people around you with your time, talents, and resources and living with integrity, so you're a trustworthy person to follow, stewarding and growing what you've been given, so you have something to pass onā€”these are all parts of leaving a legacy.

We encourage listeners to think about leaving a legacy, and discussing ways to leave a legacy. We discuss why we should leave a legacy. Leaving a legacy means you will continue contributing in future years, helping generations implement the beautiful life lessons you gained, and wisdom and knowledge you've gained. How do you create a legacy? A legacy may be what's left after you're gone, but the work of making a legacy happens while you're still here.

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