Tracking & Accessing Progress to Identify Growth & Development Areas

Season #1

Welcome to the Spark Influence podcast with Tech executive Peter Phillip and his wife, Misty Phillip, Founder of Spark Media, who inspires Christian podcasters through various ventures, including the Spark Media Christian podcast, Spark Media Network, Magazine, and Spar5k Collective Membership community. On this week's episode of the Spark Influence podcast, we discuss the importance of tracking and accessing progress to identify growth and development areas.

Tracking & Reflecting

Regularly taking time to reflect on your progress and assess what is and is not working can help us identify growth and development areas. Peter recommends quarterly meetings for your business and your family to see what is working and what needs to be adjusted. By supporting each other's growth and personal development, you can work together to create a successful and fulfilling business while growing as individuals and a couple.

Begin with End in Mind

Peter asked Misty to share her secret sauce about getting things done and how she plans for success. Misty recommends starting with the end in mind and working backward. She shares how she did this while home-educating her boys—looking at college requirements while the boys were in elementary and middle school to prepare her kids for college—coupled with the interests and proclivity to devise a well-rounded curriculum.

Time Block & Batch Work

Peter and Misty share how time blocking my calendar and batching work is an effective strategy to accomplish goals. Misty also shares her strategy for long-range planning, including leaving borders and margins in our schedule and learning from our mistakes. She shares the importance of meal prep and planning for the week ahead.

Seek Ye First

Starting their day with scripture, prayer, and quiet is foundational. Misty tends to begin her day super early to read, study, and prayer. In comparison, Peter's mantra is Bible before the news. They share productivity hacks, like writing everything down, using Do Not Disturb and the notes app to organize tasks and to-dos.

Scripture Reference

"But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you." - Matthew 6:33 ESV.


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