Multi-Generationally and Kingdom Minded

Season #1

Welcome to the Spark Influence podcast. Last week, Misty discussed stewarding influence. Today Peter and Misty dive a little deeper to discuss being generationally and kingdom minded. Misty just returned home from the life surge event. One of the main themes of the event was building Kingdom resources to create kingdom impact to provide for our families and future generations and to be used for good.

How do we live intentionally as believers in business?

Scripture Reference

"The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it." - Proverbs 27:12 ESV

Intentionality in Business

Intentionality in business means making conscious, deliberate choices that align with our core values, especially as Christians. It's about being mindful of our actions and decisions and ensuring that our faith and purpose guide them.

Peter shares an example of refusing a client who wanted to do a questionable business deal. They discuss standing up for Christian values in your business, the importance of having a multi-generational mindset, and being in community with other believers.

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