Faith and Works: How Prayer and Action Combine to Spark Influence

Season #1

Welcome back to another episode of Spark Influence! We're your hosts, Peter Phillip and Misty Phillip, founders of Spark Media. Today, we dive into the power of prayer and how it can spark influence in our lives. Prayer is often misunderstood, but we're here to explore its true meaning and importance. From individual prayer to praying as a couple, as a family, and even incorporating fasting, we'll uncover the secrets to deepening our connection with God. Join us as we navigate the ins and outs of prayer and learn how it can truly transform our lives. So grab your headphones and get ready for another enlightening episode of Spark Influence!


Key Points


- Prayer as a two-way conversation with the Lord
- Importance of individual prayer, praying together, and prayer and fasting
- The power of a praying couple
- Taking action to help others in need
- Faith and works going hand in hand
- Teaching children how to pray
- Prayer as a daily integrated practice
- Specific instances of answered prayers
- Struggles and obstacles in starting a bible study
- Enemy's attempt to discourage and create division
- Importance of praying for pastors and leaders
- Communion and its significance
- Frustrations with denominational differences
- Personal experience of conducting communion at home
- Treating communion with solemnity and gravity
- Misunderstandings of the purpose of prayer
- Aligning ourselves with God's will
- Incorporating God in our daily lives
- Praying without ceasing
- Arrow prayers as quick expressions of need or frustration




00:00:01 Spark influence podcast: intentional living, prayer.
00:03:37 Prayer and fasting have powerful effects.
00:07:53 Family altar, praying together, action, powerful combination.
00:12:08 Communion: Importance, bread blessing, obstacles, representative.
00:16:15 "The enemy tries to create division, but we can see it. Struggle is real, but so is God. Pray for leaders."
00:19:27 Praying: misunderstood as finite, confusion on unceasing worship.
00:23:08 Prayer and fasting are important for faith.




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