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10 Creative Ways to Market Your Podcast

Mar 17, 2021

We have had numerous people ask us questions regarding the marketing and promotion of podcasts. So, we wanted to give you ten creative strategies for marketing your show on social media. These are strategies that Spark Media founder Misty Phillip has utilized to increase the visibility of her podcast and to reach a wider audience.


When podcasting, you must learn to be creative. You have to meet your listeners on the platforms they are already gathering and serve them well once you find them. There are several ways to do this successfully. This post does not serve as an exhaustive list of ideas but one of the strategies we have found immensely helpful.


Interview interesting guests.

The first strategy is not directly related to social media, but it does play a crucial part in whether the listeners that show up to listen to your show keep coming back for more content. If your podcast is an interview show, always ensure that you are interviewing guests who have noteworthy takeaways to share with the listener on a wide variety of topics. This practice will ensure that your guests are receiving value from your show. In turn, they will return to you for more of your insight.


Use Pinterest to promote your show.

Another tool that has a value that often goes unrecognized is Pinterest. At the heart of Pinterest is a search engine, similar to Google or Bing. This platform allows people to search for a topic of interest to them, and it retrieves results to answer the questions and address the unique needs that the person who is searching has. Pinterest is a valuable tool for podcasters. When we share our shows on this platform, they gain higher visibility and listenership. Listenership is important to us, as Christians, because each listen represents a person who is reached with the message of Jesus.


Host a giveaway.

A third way to creatively market your podcast and to gain listenership is to host a giveaway. You can host a giveaway on either your website or your social media accounts. You can then advertise the giveaway on your podcast. Giveaways will help more individuals to gain familiarity with your message. Give away something (or a variety of things) that are engaging, related to your show, and valuable to your listener. Hosting a giveaway is one way to keep your audience engaged and to show them that you are a host who cares about their needs.


Stream your interviews using services like StreamYard or Facebook Live.

The next creative marketing idea to consider is using a Facebook Live or Streamyard to live-stream your podcast interviews. Some people enjoy listening to audio-only podcasts, while others prefer to have a video element added to the listening experience. In doing this, you are catering to both types of listeners and meeting their needs well.


Host a launch party or milestone party.

Another fun way to keep a future or a current podcast audience engaged is to host a podcast launch party or a party celebrating a milestone that your show has hit, such as completing a season or a certain number of episodes. The event can be in-person or virtual, and you can involve listeners and former and future guests in the celebration.


Poll your audience.

The next creative marketing strategy that we often employ is polling the audience. You could ask your listeners for feedback on your show’s various aspects, including potential guests, episode titles, episode topics, and more. The more engaging your content is, the more likely your audience will continue interacting with you as the host.


Create a hashtag for your podcast on social media.

Hashtags are used a lot in the realm of social media to group similar posts. Hashtags help your posts reach the people who are the most interested in them. Creating a hashtag for your show (and using it regularly,) can help you to form a community of dedicated listeners around your show.


Create audiograms and share them on social media.

Another way to creatively market your podcast is by creating audiograms and sharing them on social media. An audiogram is a small snippet of content between 15 and 30 seconds long that will help you “tease” your listeners with content from your most recent to popular episodes. An excellent tool to use for the creation of audiograms is Headliner.


Make an Instagram reel.

Another popular way to creatively engage younger audiences in today’s social media space is by using Instagram reels. Instagram reels are short videos meant to grab someone’s attention as they scroll through their Instagram feed. You can add music, sound effects, or other audio to the video to cater to your audience.


Cross-promote your show on the platforms of others.

The last creative marketing strategy for podcasters that we will be sharing today is possibly the most crucial strategy for a podcaster whose desire is to grow their show. Make friends with other podcasters and cross-promote one another. Cross-promotion means to borrow one another’s platforms and share each other’s content with another’s platform. This is a highly beneficial strategy for podcasters to network, learn, and grow from one another.


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