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Five Ways to Be Successful as a Solo Podcaster

solo podcast Jul 06, 2021

Five Ways to Be Successful as a Solo Podcaster 

Recently, we have had many people ask us how to create a successful solo podcast. In this post, we will provide five of our most commonly used techniques for solo podcasting. Use these tips to improve your podcasting skills or to start your first show!  

Create engaging content. 

Spark Media Founder Misty Phillip often says, “content is king.” Essentially, the content that you and I create as podcasters keeps our listeners coming back to listen to more episodes of the show, encourages them to engage with us on social media and creates and cultivate a lasting community. When you create content for your podcast, your content must stop a person from scrolling on social media or pique the listener’s curiosities. In addition, you want your listeners to tune into your show until the very end, so be sure that the content you are bringing to the table adds value for the audience. 

Remember, your audience is investing time in listening to your show because they have determined that they know, like, and trust your perspective on a given topic or your insight into an issue. You have the opportunity to bring hope-filled content directly to their headphones. That’s the power of podcasting! 

Record intros and outros that catch the attention of your audience. 

The second tip that we often provide our podcasters is to record intros and outros that leave your audience wanting more. This means that the beginning and end of each episode need to be powerful. Think about it this way: you have just tuned in to your favorite podcast. Now, consider this. Rather than beginning the show with upbeat music, an encouraging word, and a welcoming perspective, the host begins by yawning, acting uninterested, and maintains a monotonous tone. Would you want to continue listening? The chances are that you would switch over to something a little more engaging. In other words, this would not hold your attention. Be sure to place yourself in the shoes of your listener when it comes to the intro and outro. Ask yourself - “would I be inclined to listen to a show similar to mine?” This will aid you in creating an engaging intro and an upbeat outro. 

Make room for variety. 

The next piece of advice that we often give podcasters is to make room for variety. Your podcast belongs to you. This means that you have full leverage to be as creative as you wish. You can have a variety of segments on your solo shows. We encourage this. Mixing it up a bit in regards to the type of content offered helps audiences to stay engaged. Do not be scared of variety! Instead, embrace the opportunity to get creative. 

Be flexible. 

Next, we encourage hosts to stay flexible. Remember that audiences will occasionally desire to hear content that is different from that which you are currently producing. Therefore, you may have to change directions once you get going on the path to podcasting. Remember, your podcast is meant to serve the needs of your listener. Be willing to listen to what those needs are and adapt your content to meet those needs. 

Understand your unique voice. 

Lastly, and perhaps, most importantly, we encourage podcasters to develop their unique voice and to create content in their own unique way. Here is what we mean by this: some podcast hosts have naturally extroverted personalities. Others have introverted personalities. Regardless of your personality type, you must know your unique style when hosting a podcast. You serve as the tour guide, and you aim to show the listeners the path to uncover the answers to their deepest questions and longings. Remember, the role of a podcaster has incredible significance. You and I must develop our voices so that we can serve others effectively. 

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