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3 Reasons Why You Need an Email List as a Podcaster

Jan 04, 2021

3 Reasons Why You Need an Email List as a Podcaster

Many podcasters have questions or concerns about starting email marketing campaigns. Some people do not see the benefits of embarking on this endeavor, while others are a bit hesitant to jump in. The Spark media team believes that email lists are a useful and necessary tool for every podcaster. So, we want to help you see the positive side of them.

 Here are three reasons why podcast hosts should consider implementing an email list as part of their marketing strategy.

Email lists are permanent, while social media platforms are evolving, and could be lost at any time.

Consider this: a podcaster has an extensive social media platform on which he has been promoting his show. Suddenly, this platform shuts down. Because he has no email list, he now has a dilemma. His following is gone, and he has no way to recoup it.

This could easily lead to frustration.

However, with an email list, this podcaster would not have to fret. All of his subscribers would be stored in a system that is not going away anytime soon. And, he could still access them, communicate with them, and keep them engaged.

Email lists are an excellent place to cultivate community.

Because email subscribers have to opt in to be on your list, they are people who genuinely want more of your content and who want to hear what you have to share.

You can cultivate community with your subscribers on an email list by hosting a giveaway, sending out written or video encouragement, or providing subscribers with exclusive content and valuable resources related to your show.

Email lists are an excellent way for your listeners to go beyond the show and get to know the person behind the mic.

Podcasts are often very focused on specific topics. In building an email list, you are gaining the opportunity to share beyond what you typically do on your show. Email lists are fantastic tools for connecting with listeners one on one and allowing them to learn more about you, your values, your mission, and the heart behind your work.

We hope that this post has inspired you to take action with your email list. This week, we encourage you to start an email list if you haven’t yet. If you have a list, we encourage you to work on your lead magnet to grow your subscriber list.

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