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3 Ways to Fight Imposter Syndrome

fear imposter syndrome podcast startegies Dec 07, 2021

3 Ways to Fight Imposter Syndrome 

If you have been in the writing, speaking, podcasting, or communications realm for any length of time, chances are that you have encountered the well known phenomenon of imposter syndrome. Whether it be personal feelings of defeat or distress or the idea that you are inept in the professional realm, there are ways to fight these feelings as a believer.

In this post, we will share three concise but impactful strategies for fighting fear and staying grounded in your faith. 


Strategy #1 Pause


When negative feelings arise, remember that the emotions that we feel are meant simply to inform us - to give us information. They are there to help us in the immediate moment. Emotions are not permanent. They change. As such, they cannot be the defining factor of one’s identity. When difficult emotions arise, the best course of action is to pause and reflect. In reflecting, it may be helpful to ask yourself three essential questions. 


  • Does this feeling, thought, or emotion line up with the truths found in scripture? 
  • Are the things that I am thinking and feeling in alignment with who God created me to be and who He says that I am? 
  • Have I read scripture today and reflected upon it? 


We do not have to look far to see that at the root of our struggles with identity is the feeling that we are insufficient. In a sense, this is true. We will never be enough on our own accord. We need Jesus. We need His sacrifice to tear the veil and to allow us to commune with our Heavenly Father. When we rest in the sufficiency of Christ, you and I can be certain that our every need and longing will be fully fulfilled in Him. 


When we take a pause to reflect on His goodness, we allow our minds to focus on what truly matters - the things of eternity. You and I must lift our eyes and seek after the eternal things, remembering to place our identity on the firm foundation that is Christ. 


Strategy #2: Pray 

Amid the pause, it is essential that we pray. Pray that the Lord would fill your mind and your heart with his peace, give you wisdom to see yourself as He does, and allow for His words to 

dictate your steps. As people entrusted with the message of the gospel, we always want to ensure that we are in line with God’s will for our lives. To do this, we must remain faithful in prayer and dedicated to the reading of scripture. 


Strategy #3; Praise 

Lastly, when thoughts of inadequacy flood our minds and hearts, we can reflect on the sufficiency of Christ, remembering all of the promises which He has fulfilled and all of those which He will fulfill in the future. Praise is a weapon in a perilous world and it is up to you and I to learn how to weld it. Today, put on the armor of God and sing praises to Him for all that He is and all that He will continue to be to you. 


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