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3 Ways to Utilize the Clubhouse App to Break into Podcasting

audio clubhouse social media May 10, 2021

What is Clubhouse? 

Clubhouse is a new audio-only social media app that is quickly gaining popularity among media professionals, celebrities, ordinary people, and podcasters. The premise behind the app is that users can gather together to have candid conversations in rooms based on specific topics. The speakers and moderators of each room are up on stage. People followed by or connected to speakers are in a group, and others who are not are in a third group. Only individuals who are on the stage may speak. The other participants are listeners. 


Think of it this way: you are about to speak at an in-person conference. Your conversation is live and not recorded for later use. You are only addressing the audience that is within that room. But, because you want to gain an audience to speak to, you tell your friends, spread the word, and ensure that no one misses your message. The same is true of Clubhouse. Podcasters from all around the world are utilizing the platform to grow their listener bases. Clubhouse is especially powerful for individuals looking to break into the realm of podcasting. Today, we will share three ways that using this application could propel you into your podcasting career. 


Clubhouse helps individuals grow comfortable with conversing in real-time. 


Because Clubhouse is a live audio platform, the interactions that occur within it happen in real-time. While this could be intimidating for some, future podcast hosts must hone their ability to have authentic, meaningful conversations. One feature that many individuals enjoy is the fact that there is no video component. This means that you can show up to listen or to host rooms wearing your pajamas, with messy hair, and your dog in your lap if you desire to do so. In addition, the design of the platform allows you to mute the microphone if and when you do not want to be heard. The feature is helpful for those of us who may want to cook a meal, tend to children, or take a drive while tuning in to a room. The conversations continually flow, which allows us to listen and converse with one another from any and everywhere. The format of live audio is very similar to what you will use as a podcast host. 


Clubhouse allows people to be heard without necessarily having an established platform. 


Every one of us has a story to share. Clubhouse allows these messages to be heard without regard to the size, span, or reach of an individual speaker’s platform. This is great for aspiring authors, entrepreneurs, or podcasters because while you may not have a platform now, the app can help you build rapport with an audience. As a future podcast host, this relationship will allow you to speak your message into the lives of your audience. Because they know, like, and trust you as an expert in your specific area of interest, they are likely to pick up their phones, tablets, or laptops and listen to your show. You never know whose life your words could be impacting in the future. 


Clubhouse allows you and me to gain knowledge on a vast array of subject matter. 

Lastly, the Clubhouse app is a powerful place to gain information, knowledge, and wisdom on your specific niche or area of interest. Having an expansive knowledge base into the subject matter on which you plan to speak or teach on your show can help you gain firm footing and succeed in your podcasting ventures. 


Thank you for joining us on the Spark Media Blog today. If Clubhouse is an intriguing platform or of interest to you, please reach out to Spark Media founder Misty Phillip for more information. Misty and Jennifer Navarrete are hosting a weekly Podcast Power Half-Hour Mastermind Meeting on the platform every Tuesday during May 2021. Get your podcasting questions and concerns addressed and make some new friends and connections.

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