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5 Ideas for a Killer Podcast Call to Action

Jan 06, 2021

5 Ideas for a Killer Podcast Call to Action 

Regardless of how long you have been a podcast host, the chances are that you have heard others speak about adding a call to action to their episodes. Calls to action are worthwhile yet straightforward statements made toward the end of an episode that encourages listeners to interact with the shared content. The purpose behind adding one of these statements is to actively engage the audience. The Spark Media team believes that these statements are both powerful and effective in achieving this purpose. Today, we want to share five ideas for action steps that you may ask your audience to take within your call to action statements. 


Ask your listeners to subscribe to an email list. 

It is a common practice for podcast hosts to ask their listeners to subscribe to their email lists to receive exclusive content; a behind the scenes look into the production of an episode, episode transcripts, or an opportunity to stay connected with the host. Email lists are an excellent tool for podcast hosts, but they can also provide tremendous value to the listener when hosts get creative with the shared content.  


Ask your listeners to follow you on social media. 

Though social media platforms are ever-changing and always evolving, they remain an excellent place to cultivate community. Try encouraging your listeners to join a Facebook group, follow you on Twitter, or to engage with your Instagram content. 


Ask your listeners to check out the resources that you mentioned in your episode. 

When sharing resources that you know and love with your listeners, it is always a great idea to remind the listeners of where to find the things you mentioned. Did you reference a helpful article? Make it simple for your listeners to find it by saying it in your call to action. 


Ask your listeners to send in suggestions for future content or episodes. 

After you have been podcasting for a while, you will likely run out of original ideas for your show's content. If this happens, do not worry. The call to action is a fabulous place to ask for suggestions. If the listeners suggest a topic, this is an indication that the topic is of interest to them. Having listeners help with topic selection could also serve as an incentive to the audience to stay around. 


Ask your listeners to participate in a survey or giveaway.

A final suggestion for your call to action could be to ask your listeners to participate in a giveaway or survey. In doing this, you cultivate community, considering listener feedback, and having meaningful interactions with your listeners all at once.


Now that we have shared our five ideas for a killer podcast call to action, we want to encourage you to take our suggestions and create a unique call to action that brings value to your listeners and that urges them to act. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list for more great content. 

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