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5 Ways to Stand Out as an Intentional Interviewer

interview Jul 20, 2021

5 Ways to Stand Out as an Intentional Interviewer 


When conducting a podcast interview, a host must be intentional in the questions that he or she poses and that those questions draw a story from the interviewee. Throughout our time in the podcasting realm, the Spark Media team has seen a common thread among Christian podcasters that makes them stand out as interviewers: kindness and intentionality.

Today, we will share five ways that a podcast host can stand out as an intentional interviewer - someone who asks purposeful questions and tells a compelling story with his or her show. 


Intentional interviewers ask engaging questions. 


A podcast host can set himself apart from others in the industry by asking engaging questions. Engaging questions are those that draw the audience in, keep the listener on his or her toes, and keep the audience wanting to hear more. Asking fascinating questions can sometimes be difficult, but it is necessary for the big picture of podcasting. When interviewing a guest, you will want to consider what your listeners would hope to learn about a given guest. Then, you will want to ask these kinds of questions. Here are a few things to consider to ensure that your questions capture and keep your audience's attention. 

Is your question interesting? (Remember: the goal is to keep a conversation going.) 


Does the answer to your question teach you or your listeners something that you did not previously know? (Remember: you do not want to take the same approach as others in the industry. Get creative and be unique!) 

Does your question allow for the conversation to go in a variety of directions? (Remember: you want to get your guest thinking and stimulate the audience's curiosity.) 

How do your guests bring a unique perspective on a given topic? (Remember: you want uniqueness in your material.) Intentional interviewers always make eye-contact. 


Intentional interviews always make eye contact. 

To stand out as a compassionate interviewer, a host must care about his or her guests beyond the interview. The host must be willing to engage with the guest on a level that is professional, amicable, and kind. To do this, the host must genuinely be engaged, interested, and invested in the conversation. One way to show that you are listening well is to provide an appropriate level of eye contact. 


Intentional interviewers desire to go below the surface. 

Another quality of an interviewer that makes that person stand out from among the crowd is the ability of the interviewer to go beyond a surface level conversation, seek answers to questions that others may not ask, and keep a conversation interesting. To be a great interviewer, one must be willing to go deeper with the guest. To do this, you will want to ensure that your guest is comfortable, that the guest is willing to share an abundance of information on a given topic, and that the guest is prepared beforehand. 


Intentional interviewers allow the guest to share his or her story freely. 

Another way to be an interviewer who is well-regarded by your guests is to allow these guests to share their stories freely. Ask open-ended questions that allow the guest to make and expound upon points related to a given topic. Allowing the guest to share the points that he or she is passionate about makes for a more comprehensive interview that is likely to be engaging and helpful for your audience. 


Intentional interviewers do their research. 

The final, and perhaps, the most important way to stand out as an intentional interviewer is to be the host who goes above and beyond the standards of research. Be someone who desires to know as much background information on your guests as possible and tap into that information during the interview. For example, if you are interviewing an individual who has a unique talent related to your interview topic, bring that information to your audience's attention by asking a question about it. Try your best to become an informed participant in your guest’s story. It will serve you well in the long run. 


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