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Content Creators "Go-To's"!

brainstorm content creation podcast ideas podcast planner Nov 26, 2022

Content Creators "Go-To's"!

by Jodi Howe


As content creators, we must devise new and creative ways to speak to our audiences.


And that is no easy task.


Often times we will sit and stare at our computer screens or devices, and nothing seems to come from the files stored in our brains.


Not to mention the fear of speaking into something that's been spoken into hundreds of times.  


And if you're an interviewer, Podcaster, finding the right guest who may hold a specialist title regarding your podcast's genre or at least can speak to your current season's subject matter, that's hard.


Needless to say, we have many challenges as Podcasters.  


Over the years, I have found some ways to offset "writer's block" and avoid those maddening hours of null with some "go to" methods for content creation! And they have served me & my audience very well:


  • AUDIENCE KNOWS BEST: Ask your audience what they want to hear about. Because, as we are Christian Content Creators ultimately glorifying the Lord through our conversations, we want to be able to seek out the right content, so our audiences keep coming back for more.


  • ASK YOUR "FELLOW"-SHIP: If you're a part of a church or a small group, ask a few friends through a fellowship coffee gathering to help you with some brainstorming ideas of new Content that they may want to hear about. You can even consider revisiting a topic/prior season that maybe your church covered. Don't copy. Just come up with different TalkingPoints regarding that season.


  • SHARE YOUR TESTIMONY: People want to hear about you! I promise you they do! Most especially, why you are credible enough to offer a podcast, to begin with. And I also promise you. You are worthy! Content can come from our personal experiences and stories through the hurt, pain, and power we got from trusting and walking with Jesus. He saw us through it, so why not help someone else?  


  • STICK TO A SUBJECT: When going into a new season, pick a subject you can reference several times, even relating scripture with it. One season, I chose my top 12 life verses that I lean on!! That gave me three months of Content. Or also, you could speak into a book in the Bible, relating it to the many struggles that people have today. And then sharing God's goodness.-And if you're an interviewer, you could choose a particular scripture and subject matter and find a guest willing to speak into that. Outlining their life, testimony & finally, God's provision & outcome on how he worked! I could speak into Proverbs 3:5-6 for a good 15-20 minutes. If you haven't figured it out, that is my life verse.


  • INITIAL IT: I'm a huge acronym, girl. And the majority of my Content has been drawn from this method, whether I've made it known or just used it as a personal outline. For one project, I used several significant words from the Bible, like faith, hope, love, truth, grace, and so on. That gave me a few months of content, speaking into each word, referencing a Bible scripture or several Bible scriptures adding testimony! This could easily be applied to an interview process as well.


  • SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION: Last but certainly not least, utilize SEO by searching Google or other SEO outlets to see what words the majority of people are seeking. For example, during Covid, big words were "anxiety" and "fear." I most definitely was able to speak into those words offering me several months of Content!


Those are just a few ideas for creating content and having well-planned podcast content for months to come.


And one of the most beautiful things is, when we are flexing with God, leaning on him through it all, I am a testimony to him downloading content ideas, just like that! When I ask him lovingly, through prayer, of course!  

If you need additional help planning your podcast episodes, we encourage you to pick up a copy of the Spark Podcast Planner today!

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