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Create a Sales Funnel for Your Podcast

email marketing lead generation sales funnels Jan 23, 2022

Create a Sales Funnel for Your Podcast 


Creating a sales funnel for your podcast has the potential to grow your audience and increase revenue. As a podcast host, you make and give away valuable content regularly for free. Picture the shape of a funnel. You want to bring as many people as you can into the top of your funnel. Your podcast is the top of your funnel. 


The benefits of a sales funnel for podcast creators


An email list allows you to capture more information about your target audience, and then you can use your email list to grow your connection with your audience who may want to buy products from you. Successfully implementing a sales funnel to grow your audience can build brand authority and help set you up as an expert in your niche.


Start with the end goal in mind


What is the call to action you want listeners to take after listening to your podcast? Do you want them to read your blog, buy your book, join your membership community, purchase a coaching service or course, or take some other kind of action?


The sales funnel is a multi-step relationship-building process to move people from brand discovery through your sales process to create super fans.


There are four key components of an effective sales funnel


  1. Lead generation
  2. Cultivate Relationship 
  3. Position
  4. Close


Lead Generation

The lead generation phase is where you identify the right opportunities and potential clients and customers. Begin by creating a slogan that embodies your mission that catches your prospective client's attention. 


Next, define the problem you solve in the marketplace. What problem does your podcast, book, or course solve? Develop a solution for the problem you've determined.


In this phase, you attract potential customers to nurture them in the next stage by providing more information about your products and services. Often this comes through a lead magnet, an opt-in email page, or a website sign-up.


Cultivate Relationship

In the second phase, you cultivate and nurture a relationship; you uncover your clients' needs by building deeper relationships, specifically through an email follow-up sequence. Once subscribers sign up, you can initiate a follow-up email sequence to stay engaged with your audience and build credibility. 



The positioning phase is where you demonstrate your value—craft an email sales campaign and an email nurture campaign where you introduce your products and services while providing value. In this nurturing email sequence, this is where you share valuable content with your audience and tell them how and why your products add value to them. This is a great place to share benefits, and use testimonials as social proof of the results you provide.



This is the final step where you present your solution after nurturing your leads. Once you've built, know, like, and trust with your audience through a nurture sequence. Build a sales landing page for your product or service and close the sale. 


In Conclusion

Whether you want to build a community around your podcast or sell a product or service, building a sales funnel attracts potential listeners and clients and nurtures them through email marketing.



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