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Create Valuable Content as Podcaster

Jul 13, 2021

Create Valuable Content as Podcaster

An essential element of every fantastic podcast is content that brings value to your listener. One common question that we receive at Spark Media is, “what does it mean to create valuable content for my podcast?” This post will provide you with five aspects of engaging podcast content that will help podcasters stand out from among the crowd. 


Here are five ways to ensure that your content is the kind that provides value to your listeners. 


Content is consistent. 

You may be familiar with the saying, “content is King.” Misty Phillip has adapted this saying a bit to fit the needs of the Spark Community. She often says, “If the content is king, then consistency is queen.” In other words, one can create valuable content all day long, but if that content is not coming out consistently, it cannot adequately serve the show’s listeners. When podcasting, it is crucial that we show up for the audience that we have cultivated. This is a critical step in gaining the trust of your audience and ensuring that the listeners return for more content. 


Content is creative. 

When you are creating content for your podcast, do not be afraid to get creative. Let your creativity and your faith lead you as you step out to serve in the area that God has called you to. You are equipped with all that you need to create a podcast that carries the gospel message far and wide. When creating content, it is helpful to think abstractly about your topic. Consider different perspectives and draw from your own unique life experiences and expertise to create material that your audience will enjoy, be encouraged by, and learn from. 


Content is compelling and always meets a felt need. 

When creating valuable material, you will always want to make sure that the information that you provide to your listeners serves them well. Your podcast is the answer to someone’s question on a given topic. It can be a deep dive into information, an entertaining segment, or a persuasive piece. In any case, you will always want to ensure that your listeners’ needs are met. 


Content always brings a fresh perspective and a unique angle on a given topic. 

Excellent content is never copied verbatim from someone else. In podcasting, it is imperative that you develop your unique style and voice and that your show is approaching topics in a way that is original to you. You want to sound authentic when your listeners tune in, so you must be coming to the table with your own message to share. 


Content always serves a purpose. 

Lastly, excellent content always serves a purpose. In order to bring value, you have to know who your listeners are, why you wish to podcast, the desired outcome of your podcast, and the purpose of your show. All of these sentiments could be encapsulated into one phrase - know your why to serve your listeners well. 

As you can see, there are a wide array of aspects to consider when one desires to create valuable content. The best advice that we can give on this subject is to create content that you would find value in personally. Create content that stems from the joy that the Lord has placed in your heart and the desire that He has given you to equip others with the knowledge of who He is. 

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