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Do I need a YouTube channel for my podcast?

Jul 27, 2021

Do I need a YouTube channel for my podcast? 

Many people wonder if it is worthwhile to have a YouTube channel for a podcast show. While there are varying opinions out there on this topic, the general consensus is that YouTube is becoming increasingly popular among users of all ages. According to statistics presented by,” YouTube is the second most popular social media platform with 1.9 billion users.” For some perspective, there are approximately 7.9 billion people living on Earth in 2021, according to the World Population Clock on This means that nearly one-quarter of the Earth’s population are active users of YouTube. At this point, you may be wondering if YouTube is a worthwhile investment for your podcast promotion and distribution. In this post, we will discuss the benefit of YouTube for podcasters and some creative ways to utilize the platform to stream your podcast. 


Why is YouTube beneficial for podcasters? 

As mentioned previously, YouTube is a vastly popular platform. But, does that popularity translate to listeners for podcast hosts? Let’s take a closer look at one 2019 study conducted by the University of Florida and Futuri Media. According to the data collected, “YouTube is the number one destination for podcast consumption.” According to this report, “70% of podcast users access their podcasts through YouTube.” Think of it this way: YouTube gives the host access to a wide array of individuals from varying backgrounds with a common interest - podcast consumption. This means that YouTube is essentially a hub providing opportunities for hosts to display their shows. 


How do podcast hosts display their shows on YouTube? 

One common obstacle for podcasters to overcome when it comes to whether or not to start a YouTube channel for their podcasts is the idea that they will have to convert audio content into video to succeed on a visual platform such as YouTube. However, though videos are beneficial, they are not a necessity for YouTube users. Here are a few creative examples of how a host can promote his or her show using YouTube. 


In our experience, the Spark team has seen that the shows that typically perform the best on YouTube are the ones that educate the audience on a topic. We have also seen the benefit of recording engaging videos on YouTube. Videos with static images typically do not perform as well. 


Is promoting my podcast on YouTube beneficial for me, personally? 

As you can observe here, there is a multitude of possibilities for how you can present your episode to the listener or viewer of your YouTube videos. As the host, you have creative agency over what you share and how you share it. Be mindful, though, of the way that your audience prefers to consume content. Here are some questions to ask when considering whether to create content on YouTube. 


  • What is the demographic of my audience? 
  • Is my audience too busy to consume content in this manner? 
  • Will the videos provide added benefits to my audience? 
  • Do I personally have the time and resources necessary to invest in this type of content creation? 


When deciding on this platform, you will always want to strike a balance between the preferences of the audience and your schedule. While YouTube undoubtedly has some benefits, it is not for everyone. The decision ultimately lies with you, as the host. Before taking this step, pray and consider where the Lord may be leading you next in your work. 


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