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on-demand audio podcast network podcasts women Apr 02, 2022

On-demand audio and video have become an essential element of the media mix. On- Demand audio is convenient, cost effective, and measurable. The growth of audio content continues its upward trajectory, and podcasts are audio's blockbuster star.


On-demand audio is any digital audio downloaded by request and not listened to via a live stream. On-demand audio includes full podcast episodes, segments from shows/podcasts, and standalone audio clips. Podcasts are audio content collections made up of episodes. 


"Podcasts now reach over 100 million Americans every month," said Tom Webster, SVP of Edison Research, "and are attracting an increasingly diverse audience. Also, with 62% of Americans now saying they have used some kind of voice assistance technology, audio is becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives."


When it comes to online audio listening (including AM/FM streaming and streamed audio content only available online):

  • An estimated 68% of the 12+ population listens every month.
  • On average, weekly podcast audiences listen to eight podcasts or 5.1 podcast shows. 
  • Active digital audio listeners spent 2 hours and 5 minutes per day on audio.


Women are Impacting the Podcast Industry


Women and other podcast consumers want content relevant to them and available on their schedules this is why streaming audio is so popular. According to a recent Nielsen article, women are driving significant gains in podcast engagement. Since the pandemic's start, there has been a massive increase in female podcast listeners growth, a 72 percent increase. 


The online audio revolution is in full swing, and Misty Phillip and the SPARK MEDIA NETWORK podcasters capture and hold their audience's attention. The network features a variety of Christian living programs, including health and fitness, parenting, leadership, inspiring stories, and more.


At Spark Media, we believe in the power of podcasting to spread messages of hope to all nations. The Spark Podcast Network acts as a podcaster's directory, a promotional opportunity, and a method to market creative content for discoverability. Our mission is to share Biblically-based messages to people worldwide via podcasts. And, it all starts with a SPARK!  

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