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Create a Podcasting Workflow: Follow Up

audiograms podcast workflow promotion social media posts Sep 28, 2021

Many podcasters wonder what measures they should take to follow up with their guests after an interview. In this sixth and final post of our podcast workflow series, we will discuss promotional strategies for your podcast episodes. 


There is a multitude of benefits to continuing the conversations with your guest beyond the interview. One of which is that your professionalism will shine through. Interviewing without a follow-up is not the best strategy for success. This is because when guests are interviewed, some may not know how to promote your show. The good news is that you can aid the guests in accomplishing this crucial step. Here are a few promotional strategies to consider. These strategies will assist you in the process of getting your podcast out to the masses. 


#1: Make promotion as straightforward as possible for your guests. 

The most frequently utilized strategy for the promotion of your podcast is sending swipe copy to your guests. Swipe copy is pre-written promotional material designed to give your guest something to say about your interview on their social media feeds. An example of a post-interview swipe copy can be seen below. 


“I enjoyed my interview with [podcast host’s name] on [podcast’s name]. In the interview we discussed ____, ____, and ____. Be sure to check out our episode of the show to be uplifted, encouraged, and inspired.” 


#2: Send audiograms along with the promotional package. 

Audiograms are 15 to 30-second clips taken from the content within an interview. They are typically taken from the portion of the interview that is most compelling, the portion in which an exciting topic is discussed, or the portion that will leave the listener wanting more. Audiograms are posted to social media, and the goal of these posts is twofold: stop the scroll and promote your show. To stop the scroll, your content must be compelling, catch the eyes (or, in the case of audiograms, the ears) of your listeners, and make the listener want to continue listening. 


#3: Tag authors and publishers in social media posts. 

A third way to get the word out about your interviews is by interviewing authors. Authors have a tangible product that they can offer to their listeners, they are trained in the art of professional communication, and they always have a story to tell. They also have an existing platform, which makes podcast promotion more effective. When promoting an episode, always tag the author and the publisher. Doing this exposes your show to a wide array of authors and publishers, increasing the likelihood that your podcast will reach new listeners. 


#4: Have your guest share the interview with their email list and/or post the episode to his or her website. 

A final way to have your guest be an active participant in the promotion of your podcast show is by having the guest send a link to your interview out to his or her email list subscribers or have the guest post the interview to a media page on his or her website. In this way, you are ensuring that those with whom the guest has close contact have the information necessary to access your show. These contacts could be potential podcast listeners and possibly even fans. 


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