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Spark Media and KHCB are Pioneering New Ground for Christian Radio and Podcasting

christian podcast christian radio collaboration podcast spark influence Jun 22, 2022

Spark Media and KHCB are Pioneering New Ground for Christian Radio and Podcasting


(Houston, TX/ - June 20, 2022) -  Spark Media, a Texas-based female owned and operated company, exists to empower faith-based podcasters to launch and grow podcasts through live and virtual events, strategic partnerships, a thriving membership training community, podcast network, magazine, and radio initiative.


Spark Media is announcing today the new Spark Radio initiative, which will curate a collection of faith-based audio content to be featured on the “Spark Media Hour” on KHCB’s new Upliftd radio live-stream broadcast. This partnership will serve as a pilot program taking podcasts to radio stations nationally. Spark Media signed a media agreement in partnership and collaboration with KHCB radio to provide podcasts, to the Upliftd live stream, and on-demand content. The Upliftd stream will launch at KHCB’s 60th anniversary celebration on August 9, 2022 at 2nd Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. Where they will showcase their digital transformation including new website, app, on-demand content library, and new Upliftd live-stream to over 5,000 listener donors. 


“The partnership between Spark Media and KHCB  is a match made in “audio-heaven” to share uplifting messages to expand audiences and reach more people with the gospel.” said Misty Philip, President of Spark Media. 


KHCB has been a pioneer in providing commercial-free Christian radio and ministry to millions of listeners since 1962. With 57 outlets broadcasting in three languages, KHCB has created a recognizable name in the religious broadcasting industry with a reputation for excellence in ministry. KHCB's Christian message extends to people worldwide via the Internet on, free app, on-demand content through the Glorystone app, live-streaming outlets, and social media. Andrew Nix is leading the digital strategy and implementation of Upliftd.


Spark Media is a leader in the faith-based podcasting movement, excelling in strategic partnerships and alliances. Spark Media implements exclusive offerings for its podcast community members to expand their influence and reach.The Spark Network brings collaboration to the forefront of Christian podcasting by providing a seamless directory of creatives and a searchable and listener-friendly platform with customizable features that is part of a collection available to users through the glorystone app.The Glorystone app is the podcast player for broadcasters.


The Upliftd Stream will highlight podcasters from Spark Media, alongside the teaching and talk programming. The Spark Media hour will feature daily programming of inspiring podcasts. Shows Include;


  • Spark Influence with Peter & Misty Phillip
  • The Reclamation Podcast with Tony Miltenberger
  •  Prayers of Rest with Asheritah Ciuciu
  • Real Talk with Rachael Gilbert
  • The Christian Mindset Coach with Alicia Michelle
  • Car Line Conversations with Caris Snider
  • Raising Christian Kids with Lee Ann Mancini
  • Upstreamers with Lana Wilkens
  • By His Grace with Misty Phillip
  • I Choose My Best Life with Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith
  • Gutsy Faith with Gari Meacham & Carla Della Femina
  • Jodi Howe with The Air that I Breathe,
  • Your Biggest Breakthrough with Wendie Pett & Todd Isberner
  • The Pantry Podcast with Shea & Michelle Watson
  • When God Breaks Through: A Warrior Mom Podcast 
  • Visibily Fit with Wendie Pett.


About Spark Media Spark Media's mission is to empower faith-based podcasters and to amplify the messages of faith-driven podcast content to a wider audience through its strategic partnerships. The Spark Media Network serves uplifting on-demand content with millions of downloads in over 150 countries globally. The Spark Radio Initiative curates a collection of faith-based audio & video content to be distributed across on-demand audio and live streams in partnership and collaboration with radio.For more about Spark Media and the Spark Radio Initiative, visit SparkMedia.Ventures.

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