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Website vs. Social Media

social media website Jan 30, 2023

Website vs. Social Media

by Jodi Howe


We are in the business of communication. And many of us take advantage of social media platforms to communicate with our audiences. Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or many other options, it is a great way to reach our audiences through marketing, podcast updates, and more.


But social media is not a relied-upon platform. 


A better way to reach people is word of mouth, or good SEO on your website!


Lately, the media has reminded us how social media platforms are becoming more biased, censored, and mismanaged- to the point where our God-Sparked messages can be silenced, muted and erased altogether.


For this reason, Social Media is an untrustworthy platform that we should utilize as a free, short-term solution, but not a long-term dependency! 


The good news is that we can create a website, a home to our platforms, to communicate with our audiences, keeping it within our control and our free-speech rights in Christian ministry.


Undeniably, a website can become very overwhelming to implement into your ministry. Preparing and creating a site on the World Wide Web was a scary thought. Knowing the whole world will have access to it. And most especially, we all want it to be as perfect and presentable as possible. 


But take heart, Jesus overcame the world, and if we are doing his work, it's as perfect as he wants it to be.


There are excellent website creation options out there that are low-cost and user-friendly.





Go Daddy

Square Space


To name a few. 


And, of course, many website designers are always available for a higher cost with a more "custom" creation. There are also many ways to hire virtual assistants that can help you with website design, management, and communication.


When starting a podcast, it's always encouraged to start small and simple. The same goes for websites. 


And the beauty is, that websites like Wix, WordPress and others include connections to your RSS feed, so your podcast is automatically downloaded to your website when you upload it to your podcast host and publish it. Easy.


So, as we start the new year with new goals and a renewed sense of spirit, soul, and body, you are reminded how fearfully and wonderfully made you are in God's image. And how critical your messages are to those who are willing to listen.


Make it easy for them to reach you by either revamping your current website or finally creating that beautiful site for those who need to hear & see your God-sparked messages! 


And don't stress about it! Because we can do all things through Christ, who strengthens us! 

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