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What are podcast reviews, why are they beneficial, and how do I ask for them?

Mar 25, 2021

What is a podcast review? 

A podcast review is a concise statement or paragraph written by a listener of a podcast. Podcast reviews have the purpose of informing potential listeners of the benefits of listening to the show being reviewed. Podcast reviews often highlight the reasons why the show being reviewed is enjoyable, entertaining, informative, or helpful. They may include a quote or a reference to a particular episode and help podcast hosts receive. In this post, the Spark Media Team will cover three reasons why you should ask for reviews as a podcast host. We will also cover three ways to ask for reviews. 


Why are podcast reviews beneficial? 

Podcast reviews are beneficial for a multitude of reasons. They allow for your show to gain visibility, they allow for you to establish yourself as an expert on the topics being discussed on your show, and they allow for you to gain the trust of listeners along with those individuals who may not have discovered your show yet. 


How do podcast reviews help me gain visibility?

Often, podcast directories will show the podcasts that have lots of high-quality reviews before showing the podcasts with very few reviews or reviews of low quality. Usually, the more positive interaction that your podcast receives, the higher up it will be in the directories' search results. This means that your podcast is more likely to be found by those interested in listening to it. 


How do podcast reviews allow me to establish myself as an expert? 

The more you speak on a particular topic, your audience will begin to view you as a trusted source of information or an expert. If you provide value and are consistently answering the questions your listeners are posing, they will keep coming back to you because of your content and knowledge. As Spark Media founder, Misty Phillip, says “Content is king and consistency is queen.” In other words, show up consistently for your people and serve them with excellent content. You will soon be seen as an authority in your field, and people will begin to review your show. 


How do podcast reviews help me to gain the trust of listeners? 

A podcast is a large commitment. It is also a worthwhile one. A podcast is an excellent way to provide value for your people continually. Not only that, but podcasting is a very personal medium. As the host, you have the opportunity to speak to people at any point during their days. Your listeners could range from busy moms in the school pick-up line to businessmen and entrepreneurs. Regardless of who is listening, they trust you with their time. The more positive reviews you have, the more likely it is for new listeners to come along and trust you to speak truth and hope into their lives. 


How do I ask for reviews?

Many podcasters are overwhelmed by the idea of asking people for reviews. However, because reviews are essential to your show's growth, it is necessary to have strategies in place for how and when to ask for reviews. Here are three ideas of how you, as a host, can ask your friends, family, and listeners for podcast reviews. 


Ask for reviews as part of your call to action. 

Perhaps the most obvious way to ask for reviews is to ask your active listener base. Do this by implementing a call to action on your show. Say something to the effect of, “Thank you for listening to the show today. Be sure to leave a rating and a review on your favorite podcasting platform.” If you need further guidance on calls to action, check out our recent post titled “5 Ideas for a Killer Podcast Call to Action.” 


Ask for reviews on social media. 

Another commonplace for podcast hosts to ask for reviews is on social media. If social platforms overwhelm you, simply select one. Make a post to that platform that sounds something like, “If you have heard my podcast, I would LOVE for you to leave a review wherever you listen to podcasts!” 


Ask for reviews in person.  

In life and podcasting, your biggest supporters will naturally be the ones who know you the best. This is why it is essential to bring up your podcast in casual conversation. If a person knows about the show and sees how passionate you are, as the host, he or she is likely to listen in at least once (if not more) to what it is that you have to share. Do not be afraid to ask friends and family for reviews. Instead, approach them with courage and confidence. 


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