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What are podcast show notes, and where can I find them?

Jan 18, 2021

What are podcast show notes, and where can I find them?

Podcast show notes can take many forms. The show notes allow podcast hosts to summarize episodes, highlight key points, and share about resources mentioned within an interview or an episode. Show notes can be short and concise, or they could contain lengthy descriptions. Podcast show notes can be found in varying places. Where they are located depends largely on which platform you are choosing to listen on. 

In Apple Podcasts, for example, the show notes section can be found by opening the Apple Podcasts app, scrolling to find an episode of your choice, and clicking on the purple “details” button. This will take you to a screen where the show notes are housed. 

What should I include in my show notes? 

When it comes to the information presented within the show notes section, every podcaster is different. Here are our suggestions on what you should include. Feel free to use what you need and to leave out what does not apply to your situation. 

A brief summary of your episode – the summary section serves to provide your listeners with a concise yet insightful overview of the discussion or topic covered. When formulating this section, ask yourself questions like, “who did I interview? What is that person an expert in? What were the main themes of our discussion?” Then, write a short paragraph revolving around these things.

Quotes, key takeaways, or lessons learned from your guest – this section of the show notes solidifies to your listeners why they should take the time to listen to your show. This section will want to provide some interesting quotes, the lessons that you learned from your guest or your personal takeaways. You will want to make this section compelling because it is often what draws in a new listener. 

Resources, resources, and more resources – In the resources section of show notes, you will want to list any books written by your guest, any podcasts that your guest hosts, any giveaways that your guest has to offer, etc., other external resources that your guest mentions. By doing this, you are providing value to your listeners and promoting the guest. It is a win-win situation. 

Social media links for your guest and yourself – Podcasting is a fantastic way to connect with those who are not in your immediate sphere of influence. In reaching new people, you will want to be able to connect with them. It is also essential that you share your guest’s social media links as well so that your listeners can get to know them, too. 

Call to action – this section of the show notes encourages the listener to do something. One example of a call to action could ask your listeners to join an email list. This section of the show notes is important because it encourages your listeners to engage with your content in one way or another. 

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