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Why does consistency matter as a podcaster & how do I remain consistent?

content creation Mar 05, 2021

A common question of most podcasters is, "what is the easiest way to grow my platform, gain more listeners, and have a larger influence?" There is no magic formula for podcasting success, but there are several things that you, as the host, can do to increase your listenership and grow your platform. In this post, we will cover one of the best ways to do this: podcasting consistently. This may seem like a very obvious strategy to some, but it is powerful, and there are many positive impacts of doing this. 


What does it mean to be consistent?

The word consistent is defined by Oxford Languages as "done in the same way over time." Like any habit, we must continue to do it faithfully once we start podcasting. In doing this, we fulfill God's call on our lives and help others either come into a relationship with the Lord or strengthen their existing relationships with Him. In short, to be consistent means to show up for your listeners and to show up continually. Consistency entails occupying the space that God has placed you in and using your influence to serve those around you well. 


Why is consistency important as podcasters?

 It is necessary that, as Christian podcasters, we realize that our podcasts are not about us. They are how God communicates His message to His people. Podcasts are an excellent mode of transmission for the truths contained within scripture because podcasts are wide-reaching. They span over territories, nations, and miles and miles of land. Podcasts allow us to share hope right from our homes. As Christian podcast hosts, we may be the only source of Biblical wisdom and truth that others have access to. We must not take this gift and responsibility lightly. 


How does showing up to serve my listeners benefit me in the long run? 

When God gave you a voice, He intended for you to use it - not for your glory, but to advance the Kingdom of Heaven and the gospel message. Before you ever picked up a mic or started a podcast, the Lord knew that you would do so. He has gifted you with a unique message and allowed you the capacity to share the hope that you have found in Him. Showing up to serve your listeners consistently has many benefits for you as a podcast host. When you show up to serve, the chances are that the Lord will bless you abundantly. Your show will grow when you continually show up with quality content that answers the questions and meets your listeners' needs. 


3 Strategies for Remaining Consistent in Podcasting 

When you begin podcasting, you will likely have lots of momentum and the desire to produce a large number of episodes. As you continue, though, it can be challenging to remain consistent. Now that we have shared about the meaning, importance, and benefits of consistency as podcasters, we want to provide you with actionable steps to either establish a habit of consistency or maintain the one you already have. 


Strategy #1: Create content that is of value to both you and your ideal listener. 

The first strategy to continually remaining consistent in the world of podcasting is to make sure that podcasting is something that you genuinely enjoy doing. Make sure that you are creating content that is of interest to you, but more importantly, content that your ideal listener will enjoy. The more listeners enjoy your content, the more likely they are to share it with an acquaintance or a friend. 


Strategy #2: Find podcasting resources and consume them often. 

Our next strategy for consistent podcasting has to do with gaining and developing knowledge of the field. If you are going to produce content continually, you will want to ensure that you have many resources to guide and direct you as you go. As a host, you are already bettering your ability to serve your people by consuming this blog's content. 


Strategy #3: Find a community of like-minded creatives and join them on the podcasting journey. 

Podcasting can be a lonely road, but it does not have to be; Christianity is currently the largest podcast category. This means that the opportunity for fellowship and community is right at your fingertips. If you are uncomfortable networking, don't worry. Spark Media founder, Misty Phillip, has created numerous pathways to thriving podcast communities. 


The Spark Collective is an exclusive membership community where Misty and her team share knowledge about the industry, technology, and podcasting's ins and outs. It only opens a few times per year, and it is closed as of the time of this writing. However, please keep your eyes open because it will open again soon. If you need consistency and accountability, this is the place to be. 

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