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Why should I start a podcast as an author?

Feb 17, 2021

Many authors are confident that the Lord has called them to write words that impact the Kingdom of Heaven. These authors spend days, weeks, months, and years putting pen to paper or typing words on a keyboard to form books that point readers to Jesus. In the past, being a prolific writer was the only requirement for those seeking to have their names etched on the covers of books. However, in today's evolving climate, publishers are not only looking for those who write well. They are looking for those who have solid messages and can communicate those messages with authenticity and authority to vast audiences on various platforms. There are many reasons why the Spark team believes that a podcast is a powerful tool for authors. In this post, we will share some wisdom that is certain to inspire authors to pick up a mic in addition to the pen.


 Here are four ways that authors can benefit from hosting or guesting on podcasts. 


Podcasts provide the opportunity to hone in on your speaking voice. 

As an author, it is quite possible that you feel much more comfortable writing words than you do communicating them verbally. Because the industries of podcasting, writing, and speaking often overlap, it is imperative that published authors do all three. Podcasting is an excellent practice for the author who has not quite developed a speaking voice. This medium allows the host to edit out content, so there is no pressure to strive for perfection. 


Podcasts deliver messages far and wide. 

In addition to developing a speaking voice, podcasts are helpful to authors in that they can spread the core message of a book far and wide. Podcasts are present in hundreds of countries. This allows listeners to access the message from virtually anywhere. Authors can use this to their benefit. Being on podcasts helps build a platform, establish credibility in the industry, and get the author's message to the world's far corners. Before podcasting, it wasn't easy to spread a message beyond an author's circle of influence, but podcasting makes doing this easy. 


Podcasts are an excellent resumé builder.

Next, it is essential to mention that hosting a show or making podcast appearances can boost an author's resume. When it comes to representing a book, agents look for authors with an existing platform, and publishers want to know that your book will sell. Having a podcast or even guesting on shows will provide social proof to a publisher that you can reach beyond your audience and into the circles of others. 


Podcasts allow for authors to network with like-minded individuals. 

Lastly, podcasting is one of our favorite benefits because podcasting allows authors to network with one another and with podcast hosts. Podcasting expands the reach of authors and helps grow their platforms. Podcasting also opens doors to friendships and relationships that hosts and guests may not have had the opportunity to pursue otherwise. 


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