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4 Compelling Reasons to Start a YouTube Channel for Your Podcast

youtube May 10, 2022

4 Compelling Reasons to Start a YouTube Channel for Your Podcast 

In a previous post, the Spark Media team covered the benefits of starting a YouTube channel for your podcast. Podcasts are becoming increasingly more popular across the spectrum of age ranges and they are easily accessible on platforms such as Apple, Spotify, and even YouTube.

One of the most frequently asked questions that the Spark Media team has received lately is, “Is a YouTube Channel worth it for podcasters?” The short answer is, yes. Ultimately though, it is up to you whether you choose to dive deep into this medium, conquer the roadblocks that exist within it, and stay dedicated and consistent on a channel. In this post, the Spark Media team will provide three compelling reasons why you may wish to consider starting a YouTube channel to showcase your podcast, your content, and ultimately, to honor the Lord. 


YouTube can help your show reach new listeners who may not have heard your podcast otherwise. 


Podcasts are a powerful medium when it comes to spreading the gospel. With them, you have the ability to speak words of hope and encouragement to individuals on nearly every corner of the earth. You have the opportunity to genuinely impact the life of another person every time that you sit in front of your microphone. Utilizing YouTube as a distribution method for your podcast can aid you in reaching the multitudes of people that you otherwise may not have reached.

YouTube is continually growing in popularity and its impact is wide-reaching. According to one source, “video marketing dominates the content-marketing industry today.” The same source goes on to say that, “over 2.6 billion people worldwide use YouTube once a month.” (Global Media Insight) Think of it this way: with each click of a mouse, you have the opportunity to share a hope-filled message. More importantly, you can lead others into a saving relationship with Christ. 

YouTube is getting into the podcast game

YouTube is currently developing a new podcast discovery home tool within the YouTube app. Podcasters will be able to add their RSS, with YouTube offering audio ads, analytics, and more to help them showcase their audio offerings. This move aligns with YouTube’s vision of creating a more comprehensive space for creators.


YouTube allows you, as a podcast host, to actively engage your listeners. 


Let’s face it: as a podcast host, it is likely that one of two things is true about you. You either naturally like to have engaging conversations or you have learned to enjoy conversations of this nature. As a podcast host on YouTube, you have the chance to converse with your audience and understand their wants, needs, desires, hurts, and how you can offer help to them. In the comments section, podcast hosts can ask compelling questions, formulate an engaged community around the topic of his or her choosing, and make genuine, lasting friendships with those who regularly engage on the platform. 


YouTube is FUN! 

Lastly, it is important to remember that podcasting and video creation can be fun tools to de-stress, to utilize as a creative outlet, and an amazing means through which to encourage others. While it may be difficult to get a channel started, its benefits definitely outweigh the roadblocks and obstacles in our eyes.

We, at Spark Media, wish you the very best of luck in the journey to understand YouTube. We offer resources and faith based encouragement to believers who want to further the message of the gospel through the use of video.

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