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Podcast Reviews: What are they, why are they helpful, and how do I get more of them?

Mar 11, 2021


If you have been around podcasting for any length of time, you have likely heard about podcast reviews. Whether you have heard the term from a seasoned host on your favorite podcast or from a friend who asked you to leave a review of their show, it is common for newer podcasters not to understand the relevance or importance of these reviews. This post will explain what a podcast review is, why reviews are beneficial for podcast hosts and listeners, and give some tried and true tips for getting more reviews as a podcast host. We will also discuss how you, as the host, can help equip your listeners to leave reviews.


What are podcast reviews, and why are they helpful?

A podcast review is a statement written, usually by a listener of a particular podcast. These statements typically explain why that listener recommends (or, in some cases, does not recommend) a show.


These brief statements are often helpful for hosts and listeners alike. For the listener, reviews give needed insight into why someone should or should not invest their time listening to a show. For a host, a positive review goes a long way. Positive reviews are helpful because the more positive reviews a podcast has, the more discoverable that podcast becomes to a wide array of potential listeners.


How do I encourage my listeners to leave reviews?

There are many ways to engage the audience of a podcast creatively and to ask them for reviews and honest input into what you are doing. Here are a few ideas for encouraging listener feedback.


Ask your listeners for reviews.

Most people are not aware of the impact that a podcast review has on the host of a podcast, so they listen and leave. They do not often engage with the content because they are not aware that doing so is helpful. One of the best ways to engage an audience is to ask them for their participation. Many times, if asked, listeners will leave a positive review for you. If you never ask for reviews, likely, your audience will not recognize them as an essential piece of the podcasting puzzle.


One way to ask your listeners for reviews is to do so in your call to action. For more ideas on what to include in a call to action, be sure to check out our recent blog post entitled, “5 Ideas for a Killer Podcast Call to Action.” You can find it here:


Give your listeners incentives for leaving a review.

Another way to encourage listener participation in leaving reviews is to incentivize your listeners. In other words, give your faithful listeners a compelling reason to leave a review. One way to do this is to host a giveaway for those who leave positive feedback on your show. You could host a giveaway on your social media page, your website, or within a group that you are involved in.


A second way to incentivize your listeners is to offer merchandise to those who leave a review. For example, if your listeners are interested in the Christian faith, you could offer them a t-shirt with a Bible verse that is related to your show, a coffee mug, or another item that they would be able to utilize and find valuable.


A third way to incentivize a listener to leave a review is to create a monthly Zoom call and to give your listeners access to you. For example, in return for leaving a review, you could allow your listeners to ask you questions, carry on a conversation, and get to know you better.


In addition to these ideas, there are many other offerings out there. We would encourage you to get creative and to use your imagination. As the host, you know your listeners best, and you will be the most equipped to serve them, answer their questions, and meet their needs.


How can I help ensure that my listeners are leaving reviews?

Make sure that your listeners know where and how to leave reviews. This tactic may sound elementary, but many are unsure of how to submit their feedback. As a host, you can play a role in ensuring that your listeners can leave a review should they choose to do so. Give your listeners ideas of which platforms to leave reviews on, let them know how to access these platforms, and tell them where the reviews need to be submitted. These actions will go a long way in making sure that your listeners feel equipped to leave you a review.


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