Freedom and Faith: Shaping Our Understanding and Taking Action for a Courageous Future

Season #1

Freedom and Faith: Shaping Our Understanding and Taking Action for a Courageous Future

On this episode of Spark Influence, the hosts, Peter and Misty Philip, delve into the importance of believers standing up for what is good, right, and true. They discuss the potential censorship of speech by social media and large corporations, emphasizing that believers have both the right and responsibility to be bold in their faith and counter cultural trends.

Peter and Misty share how the Bible is linked to the founding principles of the United States. They highlight that the Constitution reflects principles from the Bible, such as equality and the right to freely pursue one's beliefs. They acknowledge that these principles have been barriers in other countries, but the US has successfully implemented them, thanks in part to the First Amendment.

The hosts express gratitude for the freedoms they enjoy, such as being able to openly go to church without fear or persecution. They caution against complacency, pointing out that many people never had the opportunities and freedoms we have now. They reflect on the sacrifices made by individuals who fought for these freedoms and emphasize the importance of not taking them for granted. 

They suggest reflecting on the significance of freedom and how faith can shape our understanding of it. They encourage listeners to use their freedom to make a difference in the world through actions like advocating for truth.

In addition to discussing freedom, Peter and Misty touch on other topics such as the impact of extreme liberalism, the normalizing of criminal behaviors, and the manipulation of the narrative by the enemy. They highlight the need to protect free speech and argue that countries that restrict it have never fully recovered without an armed citizenry.

The hosts also encourage listeners to appreciate and celebrate the freedoms in the country by showing gratitude to veterans and police officers. They discuss the perception of a decrease in pride in the United States, but emphasize that there are still many individuals who are extremely proud of the nation and celebrate its unique freedoms.

Throughout the episode, Peter and Misty share their personal opinions and experiences, weaving in stories of people like a woman who escaped North Korea and critiques of young people rioting over student debt not being forgiven.

Overall, this special episode of Spark Influence explores the celebration of Independence Day in the United States and emphasizes the importance of freedom for believers. The hosts aim to connect the celebration with the ultimate freedom found in faith, reminding listeners of the sacrifices made and the need to protect and appreciate these freedoms. 


  • The Spark Influence podcast discusses living intentionally in various aspects of life. On this special episode, they explore the connection between freedom as Americans and believers.
  • Our country is linked to the Bible and its principles. The US constitution protects our right to freedom of religion. We should appreciate the sacrifices made for this freedom.
  • The text emphasizes the importance of free speech and the Second Amendment in protecting a country from losing its values and freedoms. It also highlights the current situation in France where citizens are rioting and resorting to violence due to restrictions on gun ownership.
  • The hosts also discuss various topics including student debt, responsibility, generations, wars, and a potential class-based system.
  •  Believers should stand up for truth, live counter culture, and stand for freedom.

Scripture Reference

"For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery." - Galatians 5:1 ESV

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