Spark Media 2021 Podcast Awards


New for 2021 is the People’s Choice Award, where fans get to vote for their favorite shows.

Voting is now closed

The Spark Media Podcast Awards were founded in an effort to recognize the top Christian podcasters for their efforts in the podcasting space. A Spark Media Podcast Award is given to  podcasters who intentionally  produce quality content and spread messages of hope that are uplifting, and edifying.

The Rules

To be nominated for a Spark Award, the podcaster must meet the following criteria:

  • The show must produce faith-based content. (No secular content, please.)
  • The show must currently be live with a minimum of five aired episodes.
  • The show must have no more than three hosts. Please note that guest hosted episodes will not be considered.
  • This year, only the host or a team member for the show may send in a nomination. Please note that nominations will not be accepted from fans or external podcast affiliates, such as podcast production companies.
  • All content must be original, belonging to the host who is being nominated.

New for 2021, you may enter more than one category, and you do not have to be present to win. However, there is a $25.00 fee each entry category entered to help cover the cost of the Award Ceremony.

The Categories

Best New Podcast of 2021
Favorite Podcast
Best Solo Podcast
Best Interview Podcast
Best Solo Podcaster (Podcast Run without a Team)
Best Podcast Graphic
Most Original Podcast Concept
Best Business Podcast
Best Lifestyle Podcast
Best Podcast Host (Female)
Best Podcast Host (Male)
Best Podcast Host (Co-Hosted)
Favorite Podcast Host (All-Around)
Best Podcast Interview

People's Choice Awards

Voting Period June 1- June 7

  • Most Binge Worthy Podcast

  • Best Female Hosted Show

  • Best Male Hosted Show

  • Best Co-Hosted Show