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Must Have Marketing and Communication Insight for Podcasters

christian podcaster communication marketing Jul 07, 2022

Over the past decade, the popularity of podcasts, videos, and other readily accessible media has risen to new heights. This increase in content consumption is fueled by the tiny pieces of technology we hold in the palm of our hands. With a cell phone in hand, you and I can access a wide array of information on various topics of interest, from today’s weather to next week’s live-streamed sports match-up and the latest news, current events, politics, and cultural changes. As content creators in today’s rapidly evolving social media realm, staying abreast of the latest trends, techniques, and tips is necessary. At the same time, though, we must consider how to utilize our technology for the betterment of society and utilize the things that we know and learn to serve those around us. 


Unique to the Christian entrepreneur is the encouragement found in the divinely inspired words of the Bible. With the knowledge, revelation, and wisdom penned within each page of scripture, you and I can steward our calling to serve the Lord well. Knowledge acquisition is not a new concept; however, Christians can use what they have acquired uniquely to honor and glorify the Lord. 


Today, on the Spark Media Blog, we will focus on marketing trends and strategies - but we will seek to do so from a Christian worldview that is not sales-driven but sincere.


How does a Christian market their ideas to others? 


One commonly fielded question at Spark Media is, “how do I gain listeners without sounding monotonous or providing a sales pitch?” The answer to this question is two-fold. To avoid sounding repetitive or monotonous, speak about something about which you are passionate. Find the thing you cannot stop thinking, talking about, or dreaming about to share as your core message. Pray and decipher how your personal experiences, business ventures, or private endeavors can be shared with the public to honor the Lord. Secondly, overflow with honesty, vulnerability, and transparency. Said more simplistically, be the same person wherever you find yourself. Be consistent in your message, values, beliefs, routines, habits, and where and with whom you spend your time. To market well means that you are willing and ready to communicate effectively with your audience or listeners, reaching them with passion and compassion. 


There are a wide array of marketing techniques out there. Make sure that the one you utilize meshes well with your lifestyle and makes the most sense for your specific message and needs. Remember, you are communicating with your audience to meet a need - not necessarily to sell a product. The best way to go about doing this is to form intentional relationships. 


What is communication, and how do I communicate well across the spectrum of ages and life stages? 


There is a far-reaching demographic when it comes to the consumption of podcasts and video content. For example, children often consume videos from platforms such as YouTube to be entertained. Screen time is rapidly increasing for the younger generation, so we need to know how to reach them with messages that truly matter. Teenagers often consume videos for educational purposes or guidance on accomplishing a set goal. Still, adults utilize technology differently, with older adults facing a learning curve as technological advances occur all around them. Being an effective communicator is an excellent strategy for reaching each of these strikingly unique demographics. But, what is communication in the marketing world, and how do we communicate in this ever-changing digital age? 


There are three commonly known forms of communication: verbal, non-verbal, and written. Each of these is a way to convey needed information to another. Simply put, communicating is speaking clearly, articulating your message, and being heard by another person or group. In the digital realm, we communicate via numerous social media channels and face-to-face interactions. 


Communication 101: Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Communicate with brevity. 

Being brief is key to being heard in a crowded social space. Before speaking (or typing), know what you desire to say. Understand how your message may come across to another. Ask yourself these questions before communicating: 

  • What is my goal in saying this? 
  • Who am I attempting to reach? 
  • How do I plan on reaching this person? 


Asking these questions will aid you in clarifying your message and reaching your ideal audience. Once you have evaluated your answers to these questions, move on to the next step: creating clarity in your message. 


Communicate with clarity. 

Clarity in your message helps others understand where you are coming from and where you seek to go in your communication. Think of your speech, video, or podcast episode as a road map for your audience or listeners. This will help you to remember the goal of your communication and get straight to the point. 


Communicate naturally. 

Communicating with a natural tone helps you to feel more relatable to your listeners. If you are speaking in a way that feels non-threatening, kind, and uplifting, your audience will likely readily engage with what you have to say. 


Why is communication important for the believer? 

The gospel message is a message of urgency and responsibility. It must be handled with care and shared with as many people as possible. Technology is a medium by which we can share the gospel message rapidly with a large number of people from various locations. To go forth and share the gospel, we must be ready and willing to engage new and emerging technologies. You could be the only example of Christ-likeness that others hear. Go forth and share your faith boldly. 


Thank you for joining us on the Spark Media blog today. For more Christian podcasting resources, please consider joining us in the Spark Collective, a thriving membership for community, mentorship, and growth opportunity. 

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