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Why should I start a podcast for my business?

Mar 20, 2021

Businesses all across the nation are hiring creative marketing professionals to help their brands develop and gain exposure to a wide array of people within their chosen niches. Due to recent events and circumstances, many businesses have been forced to implement new marketing strategies and initiatives to attract consumers. At Spark Media, we believe that one of the most powerful marketing tools is being vastly overlooked. Many business owners are not considering the benefits of starting a podcast to promote their ventures. So, we created this post in an effort to show that podcasts are a viable option for both marketing and effective communication for a business. Here are five reasons why you should consider starting a podcast as an entrepreneur.


Podcasting allows for your business to gain a higher level of exposure to potential clients.

One common goal of most business owners is to reach new clients. The problem is, though, that you and I are only acquainted with a very small number of people in our personal social circles. To make the necessary connections to others whom we can serve with our products and services, we must step out of our circles of influence and into new territory. That is, you and I have to network and form relationships with people that we do not actually know personally. This is when it becomes helpful to have an established podcast. Having a podcast allows your business to gain  exposure from all across the world. Because podcasting is a wide ranging medium, it is fairly easy to gain exposure to individuals that you otherwise would not have had the opportunity to reach with your products and services.


Podcasting allows for your current clients to stay up to date on your business ventures.

In addition to leveraging your ability to gain new clients, podcasting keeps your current clients up to speed on your business ventures. For example, if you have a business that serves Christian women in business and ministry, you could start a podcast that pairs Christian content (devotionals, prayers, or Bible readings) with insight into the life of an entrepreneur. In your intro or outro, you could say something like, “for more information on my business and ministry, be sure to connect with me on my website and social media. This allows your current clients to have insight into what you are currently doing within your business.


Podcasting will help establish you as an industry leader or expert.

The next thing that a well-produced podcast can do for you is establish you as an expert in your field. If you know a large amount of information on a particular topic and you take that information, create a podcast, and share it, you are bringing value to your listeners and likely answering their unspoken questions. For example, if you are a retired medical doctor, it is evident to the public that you have some level of expertise in health, wellness, nutrition, and medicine. As a former doctor, you could take some of your knowledge and experiences and share them with the general public to help people become more versed in caring for their well-being. In this case, your expertise would translate well into a podcast.


Podcasting can increase the traffic that comes to your website.

Another way that a podcast could benefit a business is by driving traffic to the website of the business. As mentioned earlier in this post, podcasting is a wide-ranging medium that allows for you to reach new people with your products and services as an entrepreneur. To drive traffic to your website simply means that you, as a host, are encouraging people to visit your website. As a call to action for your listener, you could say something like, “if you liked the content on today’s show, be sure to visit my website for more resources and information regarding the services that I provide.”


Podcasting allows you to network with others whom you might not have had the opportunity to be acquainted with otherwise.

A final reason that we, at Spark Media, encourage you to start a podcast for your business is that podcasting affords you the opportunity to network with others from around your city, your state, and even the world. Podcasting allows you to make meaningful connections and to help others along the way.


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